CRAN Accountant – A Past Beneficiary Of CESS Tells His Story

My name is Felix Dzikunu. I had my basic education in Cambridge Preparatory Basic School in Mankesim. Unfortunately, my father died when l was just 4 years old, and my mom who was a petty trader was left alone to cater for me and my 5 other siblings. My mom was a petty trader selling goods like net and cement papers hence her income was woefully inadequate to cater for my education and the basic needs of my other siblings. Though she was determined that l receive quality education, for lack of funds l would have dropped out of school if she had not encountered CRAN. When l turned 8 years in Primary 3, she heard about the CESS program in church in Abakam when CRAN was collecting new profiles there and she took the opportunity to apply for sponsorship for me and my brother Daniel. God being so good my brother and l got the sponsorship from one family in Germany, that is, Marcus oft who sponsored mine and Rolland Oft who sponsored that of my younger brother till we reached tertiary institution. The sponsorship covered school fees, launch subsidy and all the learning materials l needed for school.
My mother was determined that l receive an education since my brother and l were her only ones in school amongst her 6 children. Though she had no formal education herself she ensured that  we spent time to do our homework after school and be regular and punctual to school. Though we used to help her sell on weekends she was always more concerned about we having enough time to study hence never overburdened us with house chores.
I did my part by studying hard, anytime l felt lazy about studies l reminded myself of the sacrifices of my mother and the donors of CRAN who are investing in me, and also my dream of becoming a banker in future which always motivated me to work harder. By God’s grace l was always amongst the top 5 in class and also plays football and volleyball for the school.

After Junior High School in 2005 l successfully passed my BECE exams and qualified to go to Senior High School in Aggrey Memorial AME Zion to offer business program. Right back in junior high school l got interested in information technology(IT) and so I joined an IT club called Finkoma computer club in Senior High School. Though this club l got involved in an IT competition organized by Mtando Africa for all countries in Africa on developing a website on sight and sounds of Africa. My team rose up to the finals of the competition in Egypt after turning first in Ghana,  by God’s grace we turned 4th in the whole of Africa.Though l would have wished to pursue IT further, after successfully graduating from High school with good passes in 2008, l rather pursued Accounting in tertiary at Takoradi Polytechnic since l realized it was more affordable and the support from the CESS program was to end after my first year in tertiary. With God’s help and continues support of my mother and other beneficiaries l was able to finish my tertiary education with a Higher Nation diploma in Accounting.
I applied to CRAN when l heard of a vacancy for an Accountant and by God’s grace l find myself happily working with the organization that helped me achieve so much in life; without them l have no clue how l would have managed this far, hence l will use this opportunity to say thank you again to all those whose resources and hard work has made CRAN what it is today. l have also decided to sponsor a child this year, for now l have been empowered to also help others through the help l received from CRAN. I have also decided to work hand in hand with the CESS coordinator to motivate all children under the CESS to pursue higher education and break free from poverty by telling them my story and reminding them of their responsibility to study hard. I pray that God continues to bless the CRAN, its partners, donors and all its workers.