Socrates Dzinyakpor


Socrates Dzinyakpor. Eguafo Abrem Senior High School. Father: Secretary, Centre for National Culture, Cape Coast. Mother: Sells Gari.

CRAN: sponsored him since he was 7 years old. Stopped at age 16 (after he completed Junior High School). Parents had no money, so CRAN agreed to carry on supporting him. (e.g. his parents could have paid some fees, but they wouldn’t have been able to pay in full. Many students aren’t able to pay right through till after the exams and are kicked out of school. Support from CRAN for the past 12 years is helping this future Defender of the Poor develop to his full potential. Socrates Dzinyakpor’s ambition is to become a lawyer for the poor, to protect their rights against the corrupt. To him, many lawyers today are only motivated by money and will work only for those who have means. Socrates has a burning desire to fight for man in the street and help stamp out corruption.  He says, “I will not collect any bribes from the rich. I will make sure that justice prevails.” This 19-year old’s dreams almost came to an end three years ago. From the age of seven, he had received financial support from CRAN to pay for his school fees, but this support ended when he completed his Junior High School, as CESS typically provides support up to that level. Originally from Atiavi in the Volta Region, the Dzinyakpor family now lives in Cape Coast. Socrates’ father is a secretary for the Centre for National Culture and his mother is a gari (a staple made from cassava) seller. Having to support eight children, his parents weren’t able to pay his senior high school fees in full and were faced with the prospect of pulling him out of school. Having seen the same happen to many classmates who weren’t able to pay their fees, this determined young man then submitted his results to CRAN and appealed for further support. Recognising Socrates’ potential, CRAN not only paid his admission fees, but also agreed to pay for his school fees through senior high school. Socrates is now in Form Four at Eguafo Abrem Senior High School with one more year to go before he graduates and goes on to law school. He says:

I thank God that CRAN intervened by coming to my aid.