Advocacy, Training and Information Dissemination

CRAN embarks on advocacy programs as a major part of our activities. Some of the areas of interest are:

  • Education
  • Health (Malaria and HIV/AIDS)
  • Environment (Afforestation)

The approach:

  1. The CRAN project team identifies the needs of a community in the cause of their work.
  2. Donor organizations advertise the need for advocacy groups to carry out advocacy campaigns on any of the issues or topics above of which CRAN applies for.

The role of CRAN:

  • CRAN provides resource person(s) for the campaign either from within or outside the organization.
  • CRAN supervises and evaluate the campaign to ensure that the objectives of the advocacy are fully met.
  • A well written report will be done by the CRAN team at the end of the program.