2016 Message by The Eexecutive Director of CRAN

Patrick Agbesinyale

It is with a very grateful heart that I write and present this message to you all for your invaluable contribution towards the progress of CRAN in the year 2015.  God indeed has been good to us! As you may have known, the year 2015 has been quite a difficult one with a number of challenges many of which are external to the organization. Some of these include the nationwide “dumsor” and the deteriorating economic situation which have led to the collapse of many companies and organizations in Ghana.  Some of these companies and organization were better than us at the beginning of the year, but are no more. However, your immense contribution and constant prayers have kept CRAN through the difficult moments of the year 2015.

Highlighting some of the blessings of the year 2015; CRAN signed an 18 month contract for the renewal of the Rice Sector Support Project (RSSP), CRAN also signed a two year contract to provide consultancy services for the Cassava Adding Value for Africa (CAVA) project, in addition another two year contract was signed for Competitive African Rice Initiative (CARI)  where CRAN is to provide technical and business training to rice farmers in some target areas. The people of Shama-Kedzi can now boast of potable drinking water as CRAN completed the Rain-Water Harvesting Project in the community. CRAN continues to supervise activities of Microsfere in Lower and Upper Denkyira Districts in the Central Region. Currently, our CESS project now boasts of thirty-five (35) new beneficiaries sponsored by CRAN Freundeskreis, Germany.
Indeed, at the end of the year 2015 we can be counted among organizations which are not only standing but standing firm. As we appreciate God for His Grace and Mercy towards us in 2015, we are thanking you also, for the sacrifices you have made for CRAN throughout the year.
This year 2016, we are looking forward to achieving  new goals and new heights for ourselves and for CRAN. We will be  counting on your utmost support so as to face the challenges which will  come with the year. We are confident that our good Lord who has promised  us His continual presence is faithful. He will give what it takes to  overcome all the challenges and to soar above the clouds to His glory.  For He has said “I will never leave you nor forsake you”,  Let us all  trust in His faithfulness.

by The Executive Director of CRAN

Prof. Patrick Agbesinyale

Rice Sector Support Project (RSSP) -Extended Project (2015-2016)


Farmers are planting their rice on the developed valleys; MoFA and CRAN are facilitating the establishment of demonstration plots and learning plots for farmers to learn the Good Agronomic Practices (GAPs) and Systems of Rice intensification (SRI).

Farmers have also received rice seeds, herbicides and fertilizers from the Export Development and Agricultural Investment Fund (EDAIF) through MoFA to support their rice production at an interest rate of 10%.

Farmers are excited because, their lowlands have been developed and the rains though did not start early, is coming in quantities that is desirable for rice optimum growth and they envisage good harvest this 2015 season.

Pic1) A woman rice farmer transplanting, a technology that ensures higher yields.
Pic2) Demonstration and learning activity on the demo plot.
Pic3) CRAN staff visited some rice farmers on their field to provide technical support in planting rice

Rain-Harvesting Project at Shama-Kedzi Completed


Shama-Kedzi community face a great challenge when it comes to access to potable water. Pipe borne water is not yet accessible in the village and bore holes turn out to be salty due to the proximity of the village to the sea. Seeing this challenge CRAN started the Rain-Harvest project in Shama-Kedzi CRAN Methodist Basic School in 2014 which was completed in 2015 with the project’s main sponsors being Ghanaman Trust. As part of the project rain gutters were built on the roof of the CRAN Methodist School building to collect rain water into pipes connected from the roof of the building underground to a well meant to collect the rain water. Now this water serves not only the school but the entire community!

CRAN donates textbooks to pupils in Shama-Kedzi Basic School


With the help of partners like you, we donated text books to our little ones in Shama-Kedzi. These pupils would have otherwise spent half of the school hours copying out texts from a single school copy! With this we hope to support and motivate the efforts of our dedicated teachers who put in their best to impact knowledge in our little ones even under harsh and deprived conditions.