Development Education

CRAN’s Education programme is a key component of CRAN’s social development programmes. It is directly linked to reducing poverty from the root. CRAN under its education programme provides classrooms, furniture and teaching and learning aids to communities where there are either no schools or helps in renovating dilapidated infrastructure for deprived schools. CRAN also assists teachers with basic allowances until the schools are handed over to the missions or the Ghana Education Service.

CRAN recognizes that there are several children who are very brilliant, as such can perform very well in school, however, due to inadequate financial support, they are unable to continue with their education. To help address this problem, CRAN has taken the initiative to find support for these needy but brilliant children through at least the basic education and where necessary to help them to the tertiary level. This work is realised by the Establishment of Schools in Rural Communities, Construction and Renovation of the School Structures, Provision of Teaching and Learning Materials, as well as the Child Education Support Scheme (CESS).

Abakam Before and after Renovation