Ghana, our beloved country, the gateway to Africa is free forever… The independence of Ghana is not complete until it leads to the total liberation of the African continent…

This is the famous paraphrase from the words of the African man of the century, Osagyefo Dr Kwame Nkrumah.

Since this declaration, 57 years ago, Ghana’s vision of changing the world through the economic and political independence of Africa is still evolving. Ghana is partnering with the world’s change-makers – the multinationals, civil society organisations, international NGOs, Human Rights Groups and passionate student volunteers – to eliminate inadequacy and vulnerability in our communities. If you choose Ghana, then there is no regret because you are about to experience the best of opportunities for your career in any field, especially towards social development and poverty reduction.

The CRAN V–Net Programme

Volunteers have mixed range of expectations. Some want to change the world, some want to meet a new culture, some want to get a meaningful curricular experience, some just want to get a smile out of a child… In order to meet the demands of the different target groups, CRAN has carefully innovated the Volunteer Network programme: the V–net. This is not just any internship but a networked community of different volunteers from different academic fields with one goal of working hard to learn and impact life in rural communities.
Your desire to enrich your personal and professional path with an international work experience would be met by this programme, that operates in the fields of both business and social development, and in addition gives a unique occasion to learn a new culture and language.